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eNerd feat. Ben Neill & Luca Kézdy: Bartók Update 2.0


Bartók’s compositional methods are in many regards similar to those of the latest electronic music. How would Bartók work if he had access to today’s technology? Joining forces with violinist Luca Kézdy and trumpeter Ben Neill (USA), eNerd offers answers to this exciting question of music and technology not with simple electronic arrangements of Bartók.

In other words, the concert programme is not limited to reconsiderations of Bartók’s works, but also includes the embedding of the composer’s original recordings of collected folk music in new compositions. These phonograph recordings often served as the starting points of Bartók’s own works. The project focuses on his least known field recordings, which he made in North-Africa in 1913.

The project was premiered at the Contemporary Arts Festival (CAFe Budapest) in October 2016.

Ben Neill (the mutantrumpet), Mike Gotthárd (guitar), Luca Kézdy  (violin), Miklós Lengyelfi II. (bass guitar) and Andor "UFO" Gábor (percussions). 

huszar2 neill kezdy gotthard lengyelfi gabor
Endre Huszár
drums, vocoder
Ben Neill
Luca Kézdy
Mike Gotthárd guitar Miklós Lengyelfi II. bass guitar Andor Gábor percussions